Wiggle Wire 14" Gap Tooth
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Dirty Girl

Wiggle Wire 14" Gap Tooth

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The Dirty Girls 14" Gap Tooth Wiggle Wire Tool is made from a thin, but firm, steel wire coiled into a wiggle! The torque on this wire is a combination of the wide wiggle and the standard wiggle, with a repeating pattern of a large coil design between three smaller coils. When used to cut pots from the wheel, a more unique ribbed pattern is created in the clay. Turn the wheel head just slightly as you are cutting, and you will create additional patterns. Use this wire on pots that do not require trimming, and you will wind up with a beautifully textured base. Some potters also use these tools to create signature marks on the bottom of their pots. The possibilities are endless!

As with all wires in the Dirty Girls Ergonomic Wire Tools series, the 14" Gap Tooth wiggle wire has ergonomic, soft rubber handles, which provide comfort and make it easy to sustain a grip, even with wet hands!

The Dirty Girls Ergonomic Wire Tools are available in additional lengths, thicknesses and styles.