Soft Brick, Filler
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Soft Brick, Filler

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We have been fixing kilns for years now and have never found a soft brick repair patch that really worked the way we wanted it to. So we formulated our own! Our soft brick filler comes dry so you only have to use what you really need. We have included soft brick powder into the mortar compound to match not only the color of your kiln brick but so the patch also has similar refractory qualities as your current brick. We use this patch in the field when repairing kilns and love it.

Sold in a pint sized mini paint can.

To use our brick filler, simply mix the powder with water until it makes a paste.

It's best used for shallow cracks and cavities. The filler needs to be fired to set so it's not recommended for the top of kiln lids, but would work for the underneath side. Use this product in conjunction with inswool pumpable refractory caulk for greater adhesion and to fill deeper voids.

Be sure to wear a NIOSH certified respirator when handling refractory powder.