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L&L's new Easy-Fire Front Loader series combines the same L&L features you've grown to love with an easily accessible front-loading style. These kilns truly have it all: Cone 10 capabilities, L&L's signature element holders, arched sides and top for extra strength, and the durability to last for years and years. The base, door, and grame are made of sturdy precision metal which makes it strong and lightweight at the same time. On top of all of that, they are easy and affordable to install and maintain, and even fits through your standard 31" x 75" doorway.


*These kilns used to be the hercules series*


- Horizontal swing door made of heavy-gauge metal. Includes extra insulation, toggle clamps, and ceramic fiber gasket. It swings a full 180 degrees and is easily removable for maneuvering around your space when necessary.

- Heavy-gauge stand that includes two shelves, the second of which has a built-in shelf rack to store your extra shelves and posts.

- 3" K23 firebrick and ceramic element holders means extra insulation, and the have a reflective coating that keeps the surface extra strong and prevents dusting. The L&L signature element holders add even more durability to the interior and makes replacing elements a breeze.

- Quad elements with zone control ensure that you will get even firings every time. The quad elements are a low-wattage density which leads to a longer lifespan. 2-zone control (eFL 1616) and 3-zone control (eFL1626 and larger) come standard!


New for 2019!

- Upgraded casters with polyurethane wheels that can handle slightly rougher surfaces. Rolling casters are available as an option for all eFL models except the 2635.

- Lower stand and hearth height which allows for an easier vent installation as well as vent tube removal when moving the kiln through a door.

- Easily-removable floor-mount brackets for kilns without rolling casters, making your kiln much sturdier.

- Kiln doors now shipped off of the kiln in most cases, allowing for easier shipping and relocation of your kiln. Please note that some assembly will be required.


Model Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions Cubic Feet Shipping Weight
eFL 1626 17" W x 26" H x 26" D 33" W x 73" H x 33" D 6.6 475 lbs.
eFL 2626 26" W x 26" H x 26" D 43" W x 73" H x 33" D 10.2 575 lbs.
eFL 2635 26" W x 35" H x 26" D 43" W x 74" H x 33" D 13.7 650 lbs.



eFL 1626 240/1 Kiln
Item #: LEFL1626240100
Easy-Fire Front Loader 1626

You Save: 14%

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eFL 2626 240/1 Kiln
Item #: LEFL2626240100
Easy-Fire Front Loader 2626

You Save: 9%

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eFL 2635 240/1 Kiln
Item #: LEFL2635240100
Easy-Fire Front Loader 2635

You Save: 4%

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