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Olympic Large Capacity Front Loading Kilns

Olympic Commercial Front Loading Electrical Kilns are built to be affordable and versatile. If you are in need of a reliable production kiln then look no further. These powerful, high capacity kilns might just be the thing for you. These kilns can be designed as top-loading, front-loading, or as a car kiln with a removable floor and door making it convenient to load and unload. Durability is also important to Olympic, with heavy angle iron, metal tubing, and heavier steel; these kilns are built to last. Kiln walls are 4 1/2” insulating brick with 1” ceramic fiberboard and 1” air space created by the tube frame. The result of all this attention to detail? You get an energy efficient electric commercial kiln with a cooler skin and outside temperature.


Please make sure to double check all of your room dimensions, door ways, driveways etc. Consider how the kiln will be installed, delivered, and hooked up. Do you have enough power? these are large heavy kilns and all the kilns larger then the FL24 require a forklift to be removed off of a commercial truck. FL20 and below can use a liftgate and we can even deliver these kilns our selves. If you would like to have us come out to do a survey of your facility simply call. There is no charge for the site inspection for all customer within 3 hours of Philadelphia. Castor wheels are available and may be a good solution for many kiln rooms, it also makes the installation a lot easier. Call today to speak with a kiln technician about any concerns or questions you may have.    


NEW! DPF-Cleaning Option

Olympic Kilns is now offering their larger industrial kilns with the option of using them for cleaning DPF (diesel particulate filters)!
All of their FL series and car kilns, and larger round kilns (2018HE and 2327E) can be re-purposed for this application.
Simply enter "DPF Cleaning" in the Comments section during checkout when you order your kiln!


Olympic Commercial Electric Kilns Specs Sheet2

FL12E 240v 1PF 12K
Item #: OFL12E41VF
Olympic FL12E Front Loading

You Save: 11%

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FL17E 240v 1PF 12K
Item #: OFL17E41VF
Olympic 17E Front Loading


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FL20E 240v 1PF 12K
Item #: OFL20E41VF
Olympic FL20E Front Loading

You Save: 10%

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FL24E 240v 1PF 12K
Item #: OFL24E41VF
Olympic FL24E Front Loading

You Save: 11%

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FL31E 240v 1PF 12K
Item #: OFL31E41VF
Olympic FL31E Front Loading

You Save: 11%

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FL53E 240v 1P Frontload 12K
Item #: OFL53E41VF
Olympic FL53E Front Loading

You Save: 18%

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FL8E 240v 1P 12K
Item #: OFL8E41V
Olympic FL8E Front Loading

You Save: 18%

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