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1Fire,  (low fire, cone 06) paint on bone dry or bisque. 


Our line of low fire glazes are ideal for the busy classroom, production potter and large scale projects. They perform best when dipped however these glazes come out great painted, glaze trailed or even sprayed. But what makes them really unique is how good they look when applied to un-fired clay and slowly fired once. Shown in the pictures above are pictures of a large scale mural project completed for Philadelphia’s Public Transportaion Authority, SEPTA. Permanently installed at 65th and Market St. Over 2000 handmade tiles were created based on Artist, Ed Hughes’ winning design. Cost and time restraints forced The Ceramic Shop’s low fire glazes to be applied to the bone dry work and once fired. Our Real Clear was used over Amaco’s Velvet Underglazes with beautiful results.


The glazes layer nicely over each other and are available in the classic colors everyone needs. Another nice feature of the 1Fire glazes is their tendency to not settle. Most commercial glaze manufacturers use suspension aids to prevent settling, often this product can degrade and cause the the glaze to go rock hard. So if you are doing a large scale project or maybe a school mural our 1Fire glazes will be a smart choice and save you a bundle, when buying in gallon sizes or in dry quantities.




Baby Blue Pint
Item #: LF4P
The Ceramic Shop
Baby Blue


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Bermuda Green Pint
Item #: LF3P
The Ceramic Shop
Bermuda Green


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Black Onyx Pint
Item #: LF6P
The Ceramic Shop
Black Onyx


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Coconut White Pint
Item #: LF7P
The Ceramic Shop
Coconut White


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Grass Green Pint
Item #: LF9P
The Ceramic Shop
Grass Green


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Hawaii Blue Pint
Item #: LF14P
The Ceramic Shop
Hawaii Blue


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Honey Clear Pint
Item #: LF2P
The Ceramic Shop
Honey Clear


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Hot Rod Red Pint
Item #: LF11P
The Ceramic Shop
Hot Rod Red


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Petal Pink Pint
Item #: LF5P
The Ceramic Shop
Petal Pink


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Pumpkin Orange Pint
Item #: LF12P
The Ceramic Shop
Pumpkin Orange


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Purple Haze Pint
Item #: LF15P
The Ceramic Shop
Purple Haze


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Real Clear Pint
Item #: LF1P
The Ceramic Shop
Real Clear


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Turquoise Pint
Item #: LF16P
The Ceramic Shop


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Vivid Blue Pint
Item #: LF13P
The Ceramic Shop
Vivid Blue


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Yellow Zest Pint
Item #: LF10P
The Ceramic Shop
Yellow Zest


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