Snap Bat, System w/ Plastic
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Snap Bat, System w/ Plastic



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The Snap Bat throwing system was created becasue you, our customers, have been asking for it. Current systems do exist but your suggestions have led us to develop the Snap Bat Sytem. The 1/2 inch thick home base is milled out of HDPE using a numerical controlled router. It is accurate to one one thousandths of an inch.

It comes with a set of 5 plastic inserts that fit perfectly. Masonite also referred to as Hardboard, is also availble for the same home base. Masonite bats absorb water and ABS plastic does not. If you are looking for complete rigidity go with the plastic. If economy is a priority and you do not mind the slight swelling, go with the masonite inserts. Either way you will have a superior home base that will last a life time.

Inserts bats are 7" x .25" and can be purchased separately.

Two holes asre cut 10" one center to fit all standard US wheels. One hole is a subtle oval to allow for the variety of wheel manufacturers.

So if you like the feel of throwing on a larger bat but really only need the smaller bat, and want to save space on your ware carts and work shelves, the Snap Bat is perfect for you.