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EXCEL kilns from AMACO come in 13 available models and are great for all your needs, including glass slumping and fusing. EXCEL kilns are designed for small spaces -- even their large-capacity kilns fit in a relatively small space, allowing you to make the most of your studio space or classroom. So how does Amaco manage to make their EXCEL kiln series so compact? The secret lies in how they are built. EXCEL kilns feature a modular design of independent sections that allows one person to move the kilns, as well as replace the elements and bricks easily. That's right -- this kiln dis-assembles with ease and can then be put back together in the tightest of spaces. No longer do you have to let your kiln room door size dictate the equipment that fits inside! In addition to featuring a smart modular design, EXCEL kilns also feature precision-cut, high-quality firebrick. The stainless steal jackets are superior in strength and allow for further kiln expansion during firing. EXCEL kilns have all this and more and are backed by a 2-year warranty.


Excel EX-1099 Kiln 240v 1P FK
Item #: EAEX109941FK
Excel EX-1099 Kiln

You Save: 30%

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Excel EX-1266SF Kiln 240V w FK
Item #: EAEX1266SFM4FK
Excel EX-1266SF Kiln

You Save: 19%

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Excel EX-232 Kiln 240V with FK
Item #: EAEX232WF4
Excel EX-232 Kiln

You Save: 18%

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Excel EX-257 Kiln 240v 1 Phase
Item #: EAEX257K41
Excel EX-257 Kiln

You Save: 15%

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Excel EX-270 Kiln 240v1p EZ
Item #: EAEX270K41EZ
Excel EX-270 Kiln


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Excel EX-329-SF Kiln 240v
Item #: EAEX329K
Excel EX-329-SF Kiln

You Save: 17%

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Excel EX-365 Kiln 240v1p EZ
Item #: EAEX365K41EZ
Excel EX-365 Kiln

You Save: 16%

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Excel EX-381 Kiln 240v 1 Phase
Item #: EAEX381K41
Excel EX-381 Kiln

You Save: 7%

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Excel EX-399 Kiln 240v 1 Phase
Item #: EAEX399K41
Excel EX-399 Kiln

You Save: 17%

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Excel EX353 Kiln 240v 1 Phase
Item #: EAEX353K41
Excel EX-353 Kiln

You Save: 16%

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