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If you like throwing on plaster bats, you will love using a Hydro-Bat! The Hydro-Bat was developed right here in Philadelphia by The Ceramic Shop’s owner, Mark Lueders. Because the Hydro-Bat is made of Hydro-Stone instead of the standard pottery plaster, it’s full eight to ten times stronger than similar products. Hydro-Stone is a US Gypsum material containing cement and crystalline silica so it’s very absorbent, AND very strong -- you will find the surface of our bats to be scratch resistant, while the bats’ water-absorbing properties fully eliminate the need to cut your pieces off of the bat with a wire.


The Snap Bat throwing system was created becasue you, our customers, have been asking for it. Current systems do exist but your suggestions have led us to develop the Snap Bat System. The 1/2 inch thick home base is milled out of ABS using a numerical controlled router which is accurate to one thousandth of an inch. It comes with a set of 5 plastic inserts that fit perfectly and won't swell like masonite or other organic composites. Easily washable without warping, get the space saving geometry of a square bat with the experience of throwing on a full round!


The New Bullseye Bat made by The Ceramic Shop makes throwing even easier. Concentric rings are lightly etched into the surface aiding in the centering process. The bat comes with 10" holes on center allowing you to use it on all your favorite wheel brands. Available in 12" and 14". The bullseye rings will also make trimming a snap, giving you a clear guide where to center your form. One side has a subtle texture and one side is smooth.



snap-bat, bat ,pottery        snap-bat, bat ,pottery        snap-bat, bat ,pottery


snap-bat, bat ,pottery        snap-bat, bat ,pottery        snap-bat, bat ,pottery