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Keep your clothes clean when you throw or handbuild with one of our functional aprons. Here at The Ceramic Shop, we carry a variety of different styles to cover all of your studio needs. Our natural aprons are a great solution for the artist looking for a simple solution; our classic red aprons are great for the shared studio or classroom, because they are easy to keep track of and add a nice pop of color to your space! For the active wheel-throwing potter, our Claypron apron features a split seam up the middle of the garment, which means that your legs are still covered when you are seated at your wheel. All of our aprons are designed for hearty use, and will withstand many washings.


Black Apron, The Ceramic Shop
The Ceramic Shop
Black Apron, The Ceramic Shop


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Claypron Apron, Denim
Claypron Apron


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