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If you’re an artist who likes to experiment with many different media, Evenheat’s Crossover kilns are a great way to introduce ultimate flexibility into your studio. These compact, conveniently-sized kilns are all great for working with low-fire ceramics, glass slumping or fusing, or precious metal clay (PMC). Create smaller projects, such as jewelry and tiny vessels, using these kilns. Most models offer the option of different voltages -- 120-volt for use in a home studio, or 240-volt for anyone who has access to a larger-style outlet -- and controller, ranging from the manually-operated infinite switch--style models to Evenheat’s brand-new TAP touchscreen controller. These options are available on each product page’s drop-down menus.


Questions about the right Evenheat crossover kiln for your space? Give us a call today -- we love to talk kilns!


Copper 120V 3-key
Item #: EHC1203K0
Evenheat Copper

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Evenheat Cube 7 RM3 Mechanical
Item #: EHC7RMN
Evenheat Cube 7

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Studio Pro STP 120-volt
Item #: EHSPSTP120NW0
Evenheat Studio Pro STP

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