colored porcelain clay for sale

Introducing Cone 6 colored porcelain - new from Axner! These brilliant blocks of colored porcelain will introduce a fun and easy pop of color into your work, and you’ll be amazed at how bright these colors are. Available in 5-lb. wet-mixed blocks, each batch of colored porcelain comes to you in a plastic bag that keeps your clay moist. Most potters are familiar with polymer blends such as Cernit, Fimo or Sculpey. These plastic products form in ways that are similar to clay, but they are actually made of plastic and bake in the oven. Axner Colored Porcelain is actual real water based porcelain.


This product is great for artists who may have limited working space, or for those making small objects and jewelry. If you’re not sure what color you’d like to buy, we also carry a sampler set that features a half-pound of all twelve bold colors!


Compared to plastic products, Axner Colored Porcelain has many advantages:

••••• Real colored clay and therefore has the true look and feel of real clay

••••• Infinitely more durable than polymer blends

••••• Dramatically less expensive than polymer blends

••••• Particularly well suited for small sculptures or ceramic jewelry


Although it can be fired to lower temperatures (cone 06 for example), the colors become much more vibrant as you go hotter. Cone 6 is ideal as demonstrated in the photos above. The fired clays look great either unglazed or with a clear glaze coating.