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Choose Pacifica Potter’s Wheels for continuously-improved machine design, because Pacifica Pottery Wheels are fabricated with the artist in mind. Over the years, the company has taken into consideration valuable feedback from actual users of the wheel, resulting in a product that has truly been altered to meet studio needs. In particular, Pacifica Pottery Wheels are known for their torque and power – if you’re a pottery working in large amounts of clay, consider the G400 for throwing works up to 80 lbs., and the G800 for works up to 100 lbs.


These wheels deliver lots of horsepower, but they are belt-driven – this mean that even at slow speeds, a Pacifica wheel is powerful but quiet. Pacifica wheels are also known for their ‘Magic Pedal’, which is simply an incredibly sensitive pedal that allows the artist to move fluidly between fast, torque-heavy motions and slower more delicate moves. Each Pacifica Potter’s Wheel comes with a two-piece splash pan for easy clean-up, as well as a heavy-duty 13” aluminum wheel head.


Lockerbie Kick Wheel
Lockerbie Kick Wheel


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GT400 Pottery Wheel, Teal
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Pacifica GT400 Pottery Wheel

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GT800 Pottery Wheel, Teal
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Pacifica GT800 Pottery Wheel

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