Clay Type/Color

Casting slips are pre-made ready to use for pouring and making casts in plaster molds. Liquid casting slips are available in low fire, midrange stoneware, high fire stoneware, and porcelain. We also have dry mix casting slips available in 50 lb. bags that require mixing with water and a deflocculant such as soda ash, sodium silicate, darvan 7 or darvan 811. To see a list of our deflocculants, click here.


Low Fire Casting Slip (Cone 06-04):

Miller White Earthenware , Robin Red Terra Cotta


Midrange Stoneware Casting Slip (Cone 4-6):

Grits, Dover, Lueders White, Cameroon


Highfire Stoneware Casting Slip (Cone 7-10):

Lueders White, 500L


Porcelain Casting Slip (Cone 6-8)

Antique White, Frost, Very White


If you are interested in mixing your own casting slips, check out these tips and reference guide from Laguna Clay by clicking here.

If you have any questions about selecting the right casting slip for your studio or project, give us a call - we are happy to help you.


Standard Speckled Slip C/6
Standard Clay
Standard Speckled Slip C/6


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