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Paragon’s SC series of kilns are designed to be versatile, hard-working, and fast, which is why they are loved by so many artists. The SC kilns are popular with teachers because they fire very quickly -- with the ability to reach temperature in just minutes -- and plug into a standard 120-volt household outlet. The SC series is even convenient in the way that it comes to you – all three available kilns are small enough to ship UPS!


SC kilns have the versatility to fire silver art clay or PMC, and can also be used for china painting, decals, enameling, glass fusing, lost wax casting, and low fire ceramics up to 2000°F. The feature that makes the SC series of kilns special is their ceramic fiber interior that heats and cools silver clay rapidly for production studios. This high-tech ceramic fiber firing chamber is wrapped in a steel inner case. The kiln’s final layer is a steel outer case, which remains cool due to the layer of air between it and the inner case. The outer case is also slotted for air circulation, so the entire unit stays cool even at extended hold times.


The SC kilns are easy to operate, thanks to the Sentry Xpress digital 3-key controller. Program the heating rate and hold time for each type of clay that you fire, and you’ll be opening your kiln full of goodies before you know it.


If you would like some help selecting the right Paragon kiln for your home or studio, give us a call today – we love to talk kilns! 


SC-2 Pro Kiln 120V
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Paragon SC-2 Pro Kiln

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SC2 Kiln 120V
Item #: PSC2M10ST
Paragon SC2 Kiln

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SC3 Kiln 120V 1P
Item #: PSC3M12000
Paragon SC3 Kiln

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