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If you are looking for an easy-to-do pottery project without the fuss of setting up a full ceramics studio, our pre-bisqued stoneware forms by Mayco may be just what you’re looking for. These pieces are unique in the world of bisqued forms -- because they are made of high-fire stoneware, they can be glazed with hearty cone 6 glazes for fully functional use. Instead of just being limited to a low-fire glaze palette, the artist now has the option of exploring our mid-range glazes!


If you like the idea of glazing some Mayco stoneware bisque, but don’t have a place to fire your projects, you can come to us if you are in the Philadelphia area. We rent out a wide variety of kilns for a wide variety of projects. Fire a mug for a Mother’s Day gift in our tiny test kiln, or complete a whole set of dinnerware in one of our larger kilns! You can check out our kiln-firing service here.


Stoneware Bisque Mod Plate Din
Item #: MSB129D
Stoneware Bisque Mod Plate


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Stoneware Bisque Nest Bowl Sm.
Item #: MSB125
Stoneware Bisque Nest Bowl


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