Bat, Masonite, Hardboard 14"
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New England Hardboard

Bat, Masonite, Hardboard 14"


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Masonite Bats for pottery from New England Hardboard are an economical way to go.

This is the best, tempered hardboard available. This Masonite bat is 1/4" thick, with a tempered surface delivering water-resistant performance. Slightly absorbant and smooth on both sides. The 12" bat is the workhorse of all production potters -- with the proper care, a stack of these bats can last you a long time.

In order to extend the life of your Masonite bat, proper care is very important. This applies to all wood-sources bats.

-- Do not soak this bat in water -- this will cause the fibers to swell, which can warp the bat.
-- We recommend cleaning your Masonite bats after each use.
-- Do not keep this bat wet for long periods of time -- while Masonite bats are great for throwing and even short-term storage of vessels, placing wet work on them for extended periods can promote fiber swelling and warping.
-- Do not flex your Masonite bats while they are wet -- wet fibers are more pliable in this state, and can lead to irreversible warpage.

If you do find your bats warping over time, not to worry -- that is often a feature than can be easily fixed. We suggest stacking your warped Masonite bats on a very flat surface and placing a fairly heavy object (such as a cinder block) on top. After a few days, they will be as good as new.