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Since 1951, Florida-based Jen-Ken Kilns has produced a wide variety of electric kilns to address all of your firing needs. Whether you are looking for a kiln to fire your pottery, glass, or PMC, Jen-Ken has a kiln for you. Jen-Ken is a family-owned business, and they take kilns very seriously. With their stellar customer service, you will find Jen-Ken kiln advisors to be helpful and accessible, so if you need some help programming your kiln, or some advice on finding the right Jen-Ken kiln for your space, they are happy to help you!


If you have further questions about any of our Jen-Ken offerings, we are happy to help you, too. Give us a call at 215-427-9665.


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Bonnie Glo Glass Kiln
Bonnie Glo Glass Kiln


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ProFusion 26 Kiln 240V 12-key
Item #: JKPF26412KS
Jen-Ken ProFusion 26 Kiln

You Save: 15%

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