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In ceramics, wax resist is often applied to bisque ware in order to “resist” the application of glazes, slips or underglazes. Wax resist can be applied to the bottom of a pot to prevent glazes and ceramic pieces from sticking to the kiln shelf during firings. Additionally, wax products can be used in surface decoration on both wet and fired clay. On greenware, wax can be applied with a brush or a slip trailer to the surface of a ceramic piece. Sponging the surface to remove clay from unwaxed areas causes a relief motif on the pot. Wax can also be used on bisqued ceramics to create beautiful, contrasting designs. Wax can also be applied to cracked or repaired areas on greenware, allowing delicate clay components to dry more slowly and thoroughly prior to firing.

At The Ceramic Shop, we carry a number of different wax resist products. Traditional wax resists include products by Aftosa, Amaco, Duncan, Laguna, Standard and now The Ceramic Shop’s own Mr. Mark's Wax ON. These particular wax products can be fired in your kiln without a problem, as the wax burns off during the firing.

Mr. Mark's Wax OFF is an innovative product designed by The Ceramic Shop’s founder and owner, Mark Lueders. Wax OFF combines the resist properties of wax with the peel-off qualities of latex. This makes Wax OFF great for surface decoration, as it allows you to create detailed images and designs on your ceramic wares. Unlike other wax resist products, Wax OFF should not be fired. Please visit the Wax OFF page to find out more about this product.

Colored wax is an innovative solution to glaze and underglaze layering. It allows you to combine surface decoration with color and wax resist simultaneously! Both Aftosa's Black Wax Resist and Mr. Mark's Wacky Wax can be applied on bisque ware or on top of glazes. Once fired, the wax burns out, but the colors remain. Wacky Wax is available in eight colors, and it combines the rich colors and effects of glaze with the resist properties of wax. Now glazing and waxing techniques are combined in one bottle!


If you are new to the world of wax, or simply looking for the best wax to use in your studio or classroom, give us a call – we will be happy to help you find the perfect wax product.


Removable Wax Off Resist, 8oz
Item #: WOFF8
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Removable Wax Off Resist


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Wax On Resist 8oz
Item #: WON8
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Wax On Resist


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