Need a brick for the repair of your Olympic kiln? You’ve come to the right place! In order to replace the brick in your Olympic kiln, you will need to know three things:


  1. The THICKNESS of the brick that you need – either 2.5” or 3”. You can get this measurement by measuring the top of the exposed brick when the lid has been lifted on your top-loading Olympic kiln. You can select this number from the drop-down menu that can be seen when you click on the Olympic brick product below.
  2. The TYPE of brick that you need to replace – do you need a brick with just a notch, a hold for a spy plug, or a terminal model for connecting elements to your control panel? These options can also be selected from the brick product’s drop-down menu.
  3. The MODEL of the kiln that your brick(s) will be going into. Because Olympic offers such a wide variety of kilns, we do not have a pull-down menu for this bit of information; when you check out online, simply include your Olympic kiln model number in the ‘comments’ section (which you will find directly above your shipping options).

Of course, we are always happy to help you order the correct brick for your kiln. If you are unsure what you need for your Olympic kiln, please give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the right brick!


Brick, Olympic 2.5" Straight
Item #: BRICKO2S
Brick, Olympic


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