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Olympic front loading pottery, ceramic and glass kilns

Olympic’s front loading kilns are not just great for ceramics, they are also used for knife making, jewelry and glass annealing. The peak roof feature allows for dispersion of  vapors, so using wax is not problem - the burnout fumes are minimal!  Many artists like to use these front loading kilns because they provide convenience for in loading and unloading the kiln.Olympic’s front loading kilns are available in different sizes, with and without digital controllers and in both 240V and 208V options.


Please visit our 120V department for smaller models.


1214FL Kiln 240V 12K
Item #: O1214FL240V12K
Olympic 1214FL Kiln

You Save: 19%

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1414FL Kiln 12-key 240V
Item #: O1414FL24012K
Olympic 1414FL Kiln

You Save: 20%

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149FL Kiln 240V 12K
Item #: O149FL4
Olympic 149FL Kiln

You Save: 20%

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1818FL Kiln 208V 12K
Item #: O1818FL20812K
Olympic 1818FL Kiln

You Save: 20%

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1823FL Kiln 240V 12K
Item #: O1823FL3
Olympic 1823FL Kiln

You Save: 20%

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