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Spraying your glazes onto your pieces is a great way to get the most out of your glaze materials while also ensuring a beautiful, smooth application.  Here at The Ceramic Shop, we carry a variety of products that will help you to build your own spray booth, or to supplement the one you may already have!


The set-up is rather simple -- an air compressor provides an air supply for your glaze, which is poured inside of a spray bottle intended for studio use. In a well-vented booth hood, such as the PRO X Spray Booth, you then coat your work just as easily as using a bottle of spray paint. Because glaze materials can be harmful, though, it is very important to make sure that your ventilation is properly configured, which is why a spray booth should be considered.


If you have any questions about creating a good spray booth set up for your studio or classroom, give us a call today! Because we have our own production facilities here at The Ceramic Shop, we have plenty of experience and we can help you outfit your studio with the perfect spray set-up.


Exhaust Fan 1720
Item #: PROVE1720
Exhaust Fan


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Pro-V, Styrofoam Filters
Laguna Pro-V Spraybooth

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Spray Booth, PRO X Aluminum St
Item #: LPROXAssNE
Spray Booth, PRO X


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