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If you are interested in completely covering your ceramic pieces with glaze -- even on the bottom surface -- but want to make sure that your work does not ruin your kiln shelves, you may want to try our cone 10-capable stilts. Stilts are specifically designed to allow you to load a piece of ceramic into your kiln with glaze on the bottom side. The glazed pot simply rests on top of the metal points on the top side of the stilt in the kiln. The stilt elevates the pot so that it is not in contact with the kiln shelf, and the metal points on the stilt, though in contact with the glazed piece, will not stick to the glaze. Now you can finally enjoy glazing whole pieces!


Our E Series stilts are all-purpose Roselli stilts that are shaped like the stilts in our A, B, and C Series, but they feature an additional tall metal point in the center. These stilts are great specifically for heavy pieces that need inner support, but also feature a glazed bottom. Simply invert your pot over the top of our E Series stilts during firing and watch beautiful results emerge from your kiln! Like all of our stilt series, the E Series is available in a variety of sizes.


All of our stilts are made here at The Ceramic Shop and are rated to cone 10. These long-lasting stilts are designed to withstand repeated firings and rugged treatment, and are made from the highest-quality materials.


Stilt E Series, #10S, 12 pk
Item #: RSE10S
The Ceramic Shop
Stilt E Series, #10S


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Stilt E Series, #2S, 12 pk
Item #: RSE2S
The Ceramic Shop
Stilt E Series, #2S


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Stilt E Series, #6S, 12 pk
Item #: RSE6S
The Ceramic Shop
Stilt E Series, #6S


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