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Amaco’s classic underglaze pencil has many practical uses and creative possibilities. These handy, versatile pencils are great for marking your work, labeling test tiles, or transferring sketches from paper to your pots. So many possibilities! Underglaze pencils are a huge time-saver in the classroom, too -- imagine easily marking the work of young students with a simple pencil, rather than messing with liquid underglaze or even carving! Likewise, older students enjoy them for decorative possibilities -- underglaze pencils are great as a 2-D medium that you can use in the 3-D world of ceramics, and for those relatively new to the discipline, this can result in beautiful work from the very start.


Please see product details for firing temperature ranges - most of our underglaze pencils can be fired to cone 6 or even cone 10 without a change in color! Presently, we offer six different colors of underglaze pencil -- black, blue, brown, green, rose, and yellow. You can also save by purchasing a full set.


Underglaze Pencil, Violet
Item #: HCUP612
Underglaze Pencil, Violet


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