If you love the look of pastel or chalk illustration, but have had a hard time translating that to your clay surface, you might like to try our underglaze chalks. Although they can work on a variety of surfaces, they tend to work best when applied to bisqueware. Simply draw directly on your piece, then coat with an overglaze (or leave unglazed), and fire. The firing range of underglaze chalks vary according to color -- reds and purples do well at lower temperatures, while blues and blacks can generally be fired much higher, up to cone 10.


We carry two different lines of underglaze chalks. Amaco offers two different sets of underglaze chalks that each feature eight different colors; our new individually-sold chalks by Diez Productos Ceramicos are available in a wide variety of colors. This is a great option if you’ve never used underglaze chalks before and would like to try them out.


Underglaze Chalk Set 208
Item #: AUCC208
Underglaze Chalk Set 208

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