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equad pro l&l kiln quad elements discounted

L&L eQuad-Pro Kilns hold the top element design on the market. The eQuad-Pro adds branch fusing to the larger kilns allowing an increase in amperage and KW for production loads. The eQuad-Pros also feature a unique element holder where the elements are massively sized and installed in four rows per kiln section. Now, that's power!


eQuad-Pro 2327-3 240V 1P
Item #: LEQ2327-341NK
eQuad-Pro 2327-3 L&L Kiln

You Save: 21%

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eQuad-Pro 2827 240V 1P
Item #: LEQ2827-3
eQuad-Pro 2827 L&L Kiln

You Save: 20%

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eQuad-Pro 2836 240V 1P
Item #: LEQ2836-3
eQuad-Pro 2836 L&L Kiln

You Save: 21%

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