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Are you ready to start making your own clay body? Maybe you want to make small batches of a special color or add a specific mesh size grog into your clay. Clay Mixers will allow you to do just that!


Clay mixers are useful equipment if you are interested in mixing and recycling clay or creating your own clay body. They are great for making paper clay, colored porcelain or adding grog to your existing clay body.  Because clay mixers generally have large motors, the mixing process requires little effort from the user, and therefore eliminates the need for physical exertion or strain. There are different sizes of mixers with different power requirements. In order to determine which clay mixer is ideal for your studio, you will need to know much current is available and whether you have single-phase or 3-phase  service.


There are different types of mixers on the market, and choosing one is based partly on necessity and partly on personal preference.


The Horizontal Mixer, or Hopper Mixer, by Bluebird, is similar to a traditional dough mixer. It has top opening lid and a horizontal mixing shaft. With this type of clay mixer, it is common to begin by adding dry materials followed by water. Dry clay or grog can then be added to the slurry while in the mixer until the desired consistency and stiffness is achieved. In some models, horizontal clay mixers have the ability to mix clay in both forward and reverse directions, allowing for complete mixing.


The Vertical Shaft Mixer, or Soldner Mixer, consists of a chain-driven rotating drum with stationary interior bars. It differs from the horizontal mixer not just in design, but in the mixing process, as well. Unlike the horizontal mixer, the Solder clay mixer functions best when water is added first.


Clay mixers are particularly useful in schools and larger studios where vast amounts of clay are used, recycled and produced. However, they are great additions to individual studios that have enough space to house them.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have. We are happy to help you determine which equipment is right for you!


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