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Shop here for North Star slab roller accessories. If you are in need of a new canvas set for your North Star slab roller, or if you would like to add a "support system" to your table top model North Star slab roller in the form of a Table Topper, you can purchase those here.


North Star Standard Canvas 24"
Item #: NSSC541
North Star
North Star Standard Canvas


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North Star Table Topper 24"
Item #: NSTT530
North Star
North Star Table Topper


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NorthStar Super Canvas Set 24"
Item #: NSSCS1001
North Star
NorthStar Super Canvas Set


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NS Standard Bucket Wing 24"
Item #: NSBW24
North Star
NS Standard Bucket Wing


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NS Super Blank Wing 24"
Item #: NSSBLW24
North Star
NS Super Blank Wing


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NS Super Bucket Wing 24"
Item #: NSSBWS24
North Star
NS Super Bucket Wing


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