Ware Repair, 4 oz.
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Ware Repair, 4 oz.


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Oh no! Did you just bump into the shelf and knock your classmate’s bisqued pot onto the floor?? Well, don’t fret - with Mr. Mark’s Ware Repair you can glue that pot back together without them even knowing it broke!!

Oh, it was bone dry greenware?? Not a problem - Still fixable!!

That’s right. With Mr. Mark’s Ware Repair you can glue broken pots - both at the greenware and bisqued stages - back together. Once adhered, the pot can be fired and glazed as usual. What is great about Mr. Mark’s Ware Repair is not just its strength and durability, but that it can be covered with glaze. Often with other mending products, glaze is resisted in areas where the adhesive is applied. But not with Mr. Mark’s Ware Repair!

To Use:
- With a brush, apply Ware Repair to the edges of broken pieces to be attached. - Hold pieces together for about 5-10 sec and apply gentle pressure. Wipe away excess with a sponge.
- Clean brushes thoroughly after use.

For use with both low and high fire clay bodies and glazes (can be fired up to cone 10). Fires clear.

Available in 4 oz bottle.