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Olympic Medallion Artist discount electric kilns for ceramics, glass and more

The Olympic Medallion Artist Series is a dream come true for your studio!


This energy-efficient series of kilns comes in a wide range of sizes, so we have the perfect green kiln for your studio or classroom! The Medallion Artist Series will save you money in a few different ways:

• The Medallion Artist Series’ electrical box is a solid component, which cuts down on hardware production costs for the kiln. Olympic happily passes on these savings to you.

• While most kilns feature insulating brick that is 2.5” thick, the Olympic Medallion Artist Series features walls that are made of thicker 3” brick. This provides extra insulation, which cuts down on energy consumption – and therefore, your electricity bill!

• All models fire up to cone 10, and feature electric controllers for convenient and precise firings.


Want to know more about this ‘friendlier’ electric kiln series? Give us a call today, and our staff will be happy to explain these green features in detail!


Medallion 1818 208V 12K
Item #: OMA181820812K
Medallion Artist 1818

You Save: 19%

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Medallion 1823 240V 1P 12K
Item #: OMA1823240112K
Medallion Artist 1823

You Save: 20%

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Medallion Artist 2323 240V1 12
Item #: OMA2323240112K
Medallion Artist 2323

You Save: 23%

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Medallion Artist 2327 2401 12K
Item #: OMA2327240112K0
Medallion Artist 2327

You Save: 24%

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Medallion Artist 2823 2401 12K
Item #: OMA2823240112KFK
Medallion Artist 2823

You Save: 23%

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Medallion Artist 2827 2401 12K
Item #: OMA2827240112KFK
Medallion Artist 2827

You Save: 23%

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