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Now available with Genesis touch-screen controllers!


It's time to experience the next generation of kiln controllers with the Bartlett Genesis touch-screen controller! It offers the same reliability of 3-key and 12-key Bartlett controllers, but makes programming even easier!


You will fall in love with the touch-screen interface and easy-to-follow on-screen descriptions. You can even adjust the interface according to your firing knowledge whether you're just starting out or have been firing kilns for years. You will be able to store 12 custom programs with up to 32 segments per program, so there's virtually no limit to what this controller can do. You can even adjust the programs during firings if you'd like to add or skip segments or adjust the temperature.


The Ceramic Shop is excited to offer this wonderous piece of technology with most ConeArt kilns! Simply select "Touch" from the Controller menu, and let us take care of the rest!


BX119 12-key 120V no FK
Item #: CAB11912K0
Cone Art B119D Test Kiln 120V

You Save: 12%

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BX1813D Kiln 240v 12K
Item #: BX1813D24012K0
ConeArt BX1813D Kiln

You Save: 18%

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BX1822D Kiln 240V 12K
Item #: CABX1822D412K0
Cone Art BX1822D Kiln

You Save: 19%

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BX2318D Kiln 240V 12K
Item #: CABX2318D412K0
Cone Art BX2318D Kiln

You Save: 20%

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BX2322D Kiln 240V 12K no FK
Item #: CABX2322D412K0
Cone Art BX2322D Kiln

You Save: 20%

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BX2327 Kiln 240V 1P 12K
Item #: CABX2327D240112K0
Cone Art BX2327 Kiln

You Save: 20%

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BX2818D Kiln 240V 12K
Item #: CABX2818D412K0
Cone Art BX2818D Kiln

You Save: 20%

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BX2822D Kiln 240V 1P 12K
Item #: CABX2822D240112K0
Cone Art BX2822D Kiln

You Save: 21%

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BX2827D Kiln 240V 1P 12K
Item #: CABX2827D240112K0
Cone Art BX2827D Kiln

You Save: 23%

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