SlabMats canvas for ceramic and pottery supplies

The SlabMat by Herring Designs is a non-woven fabric that provides a smooth surface for working with clay. It is similar to canvas in that it is durable and will not stick to clay. However, because it is smoother than canvas, it does not leave a texture imprinted in the clay. SlabMats are often used with slab rollers and are available in smaller sizes for handbuilding.


Our full-length SlabMats are 50" long and come in widths of 14" (narrow), 22" (original) and 30" (wide). They accommodate most slab rollers, and can be used in place of canvas. Slabs of clay can be sandwiched between two SlabMats, or you can simply fold a single SlabMat in half and feed the fold through the rollers -- just as you would canvas! On slab rollers with an attached canvas, you can place your clay between two SlabMats, and then place them between the canvases.


Our handbuilding SlabMats are made of the same material as full-sized SlabMats, and they are ideal for small projects. They come in two sizes -- the Small SlabMat (14” x 16”) is used in many classrooms where work space is limited. The Large SlabMat (16” x 22”) is usually the size of choice for most studio artists and schools. SlabMats can also be cut with an exacto knife to the size needed.


This is also the section where we sell our very popular uWedge wedging mat. This canvas-backed rubber mat has quickly become one of our most popular studio staples -- it’s basically the yoga matt of the clay world! This durable work surface can transform any tabletop into your own personal clay studio, and both sides clean up easily with just a sponge wipe-down. The uWedge rolls up, so it’s easy to transport to and from the studio.


SlabMat Original 22" x 50"
Item #: SMOO
Stone Leaf Pottery
SlabMat Original


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SlabMat, Small 14" x 16"
Item #: SMHS
Stone Leaf Pottery
SlabMat for Handbuilding


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uWedge Work Mat 20"x 30"
Item #: UWWM2030
The Ceramic Shop
uWedge Work Mat


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