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CircleMatic Form Finder is a set of 24 circular templates that are flexible, durable, laminated, and useful for clay work as well as paper projects. They are helpful in teaching, and learning about, how conical forms are developed from cutting sections out of circles.

The flexibility of the templates allow the user to see what form can be made from each template. The durability allows the user to cut against them when working with clay slabs, and because of the lamination they can be wiped clean with a damp sponge. They are lettered so the user can record which templates are used for specific forms. This encourages exploration, since you can choose to make and stack the templates to arrive at a form before cutting up your slabs.

There are three parts to the set: The Main Template Format in Green has 10 templates, The Alternate Templates in Blue has 6 templates, and The Purple Templates are Solid Circles that have division lines in quarters and thirds. They come in a sturdy reclosable bag for easy storage. Below see photos of how the templates can be stacked to create a variety of forms.