Wipe Out Tool, Rubber Shaper
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Wipe Out Tool, Rubber Shaper


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Wipe Out Tool is a great tool with many uses. It has a beveled rubber tip on one end and a fine point rubber tip on the other end.

It works great on polymer clay to wipe out smudges, use it with paints, glaze and clay to correct a mistake, change color, wipe, shape, smooth, fill in, build up, cut out and reach difficult areas.

The non-absorbent silicone rubber tips attract paint and other mediums, but do not absorb them. It is used only on non-porous surfaces. This tool is easily cleaned. It measures approximately 6 inches including its hardwood handle and dual rubber tip ends.

Used for carving, shaping, clay sculpture, modeling etc.
Remove fingerprints on the surface of clay sculpture product
Pens' head is made of soft rubber
Length: Approx. 6.3 inch / 16 cm