KMT-614-3 w Touchscreen and FK
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KMT-614-3 w Touchscreen and FK

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Skutt KM-614-3 kiln with touchscreen controller and furniture kit.

Skutt’s small but mighty KM-614-3 is a great choice for the home studio because it can run on just 115V. The kiln does require a special 20-amp outlet (NEMA 5-20), but that can be installed on most household outlets. This Cone 6 capable kiln comes standard equipped with Skutt’s easy-to-use 12-key controller. In cone-fire mode, simply enter your target cone and then push a button to program a slow, medium, or fast firing program. Even the seasoned potter will find themselves using these time-saving buttons, but if you do intend to write your own programs, the Skutt controller makes that easy, too. This computer stores up to twelve programs with up to 32 steps each.

-- Kiln Upgrades and Add-Ons --

Zone Control
Type S Thermocouples

Kiln Link App
KM Easy View
Rolling Kiln Stand
Small Stilt Kit
Saftey Gloves
Grinding Brick
Vent Extension Kit
Vent Dual Exhaust Kit
Vent Kiln Stand Adapter

The KM-614-3 is sectionally-constructed, which means you can easily disassemble the kiln’s chamber when you are moving or repairing your kiln, and comes standard with energy-efficient 3” brick. This kiln also comes with a kiln stand with feet; instructional video; operating manual; an extra type-K thermocouple; warranty card; and peep hole plugs. Maintaining your Skutt kiln has never been easier, because Skutt’s customer support is some of the best in the business. Every Skutt KM kiln is equipped with a sensor that allows remote technicians to troubleshoot your kiln right over the phone -- this sensor reads your voltage and amperage on your kiln’s controller, and can also check the board temperature, LED readout and a host of other useful troubleshooting data.

Options for Customization:
The KM-614-3 can be ordered with a few different customization options. You may choose to upgrade to APM elements -- these are long-lasting elements designed for production set-ups that complete higher firings on a regular basis. If you high-fire once a week or less, or if you do a range of firings in your kiln (such as Cone 06 bisque), you won’t notice much of a difference by adding these elements. However, if you fire to Cone 6 multiple times per week, this add-on will save you time and money in the long run. Please note that this option will NOT increase the Cone 6 firing capacity of this kiln. You may opt to order your kiln with the suggested furniture kit.

Furniture Kit includes:
-- 1 - 10" full kiln shelf
-- 1 - 10" x 5" half kiln shelf
-- 3 each of the following posts: 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6"
-- 8 oz. of dry kiln wash

Your kiln shipment will also include a standard stationary metal kiln stand.

For contractors, architects, or curious customers looking to better familiarize themselves with this kiln, click here to find 3D models of the Skutt KMT series.

Shipping rate applies only when shipping within the contiguous United States. For all other locations, call us for our best rates!

Max Firing Temp: Cone 6 (2250F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 11 L x 11 W x 13.5 D
Ship Dimensions: 29W x 28D x 28H
Cubic Feet: 0.8
Amps: 20
Plug: NEMA 5-20
Shipping Weight: 88 lbs