uWedge Work Mat 20"x 30"
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uWedge Work Mat 20"x 30"


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The uWedge Canvas Work Mat.

Use as a handbuilding surface instead of covering your entire table in canvas. It cleans easily at the sink and is portable enough to take anywhere. The canvas side holds up to sharp knives and is great in a slab roller for creating a smooth surface. Use the blue rubber side for glazing or any job that needs to be wiped up easily. Parents and children love the way the uWedge mat protects dinning tables and carpets from modeling clay, glue, and other sticky crafts. Professional clay artists love the canvas side for slab building, coil building and oh yeah, you can wedge on it.

These work mats are a material used in other industries for other purposes. So the color of the rubber mat may vary from mat to mat and some digital marking may be present on the canvas side. Just thought we would let you know.

Just another great idea from theceramicshop.com!