Extension Kit 8ft Envirovent
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Extension Kit 8ft Envirovent


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The Envirovent Extension Kit includes 8 feet of aluminum ducting (3" wide opening), one 3" coupler, and two hose clamps.

An 8 ft. length of flexible 3" diameter aluminum ducting is supplied with your envirovent kit for installation. If the distance from your kiln to the vent hole in the wall is greater than 2 ft. you may need additional ducting. This depends on how high up the wall you are ducting and how much stretch you can get from your 3" flexible ducting. You can purchase one or more 8 ft. extension kits, but if you are going to vent the kiln further than 60 ft. or have 4 or more 90 degree bends you will need to transition to 4" ducting no further than 8 ft. from the plenum cup. Please contact The Ceramic Shop and we will be happy to help you get the parts needs to complete the vent installation.