Eastern Clay Sampler Cone 10
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Eastern Clay Sampler Cone 10


Item #: ECSPCONE10

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Eastern Clay's Cone 10 sample pack includes eight 5-lb. blocks of the following clays:

WC618 #510 White Stoneware (Smooth, very plastic throwing body)
WC620 #580 White Stoneware with sand (good for functional ware, slab work, and tile)
WC627 #850 Off-white stoneware, medium texture
WC637 #1050 Fireclay/ball clay/ grogged body favored by sculptors
WC631 #550 Grolleg Porcelain, translucent when thin
WC621 #590 White stoneware, no sand, Very smooth.
WC629 #910 Toasty stoneware. Low sulphur means clay is less prone to bloating.
WC379 B-Mix 10. Cream white throwing body.