North Star Big Blue Extruder
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North Star

North Star Big Blue Extruder

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The North Star Big Blue Extruder is designed to be simple and safe, yet powerful. This model features a 6" x 6" x 12" aluminum barrel that holds a full 25 pound bag of clay and can produce extrusions up to 4.5" x 4.5", without an expansion box. With this extruder, there are no heavy bars or levers. Instead, it is entirely hand-driven. The Wagon Wheel handle drives a compound rack-and-pinion gear box which dramatically reduces the force needed to make an extrusion. No more than thirty pounds of force at the handle is needed to make an average extrusion!

The North Star Big Blue Extruder is easy to clean and maintain. The barrel and die simply lift out as a unit (no tools required) so that cleaning, changing dies and loading can be done while you sit or stand comfortably at your work bench. Additionally, the Wagon Wheel Handle is held in place by a quick release pin, which can be easily removed so the handle can be quickly set aside whenever it is in the way.

Includes one blank die and 3 large hollow dies.

Combined Shipping Weight: 71 lbs (2 cartons: 56 lbs, 15 lbs).