Brooklyn Red 308
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Brooklyn Red 308


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You can find small sample sizes of this clay by clicking here.

Cone 4-8 red stoneware.

Red stoneware body with sand and grog. This clay fired to a deep red color at cone 6, and warm brown and cone 8. Its grog content makes it fairly rough to use as a throwing body, but it can be done. Wonderful handbuilding body. The grog is on the larger side, which doesn't make it great for sgraffito decoration, but it looks great with porcelain slip and underglaze decoration. Because the claybody contains such a high iron content, and because that can really affect the color of overlying glazes and underglazes, we suggest putting a white or light slip on the exterior of this clay if you really want your glazes to be color-true. Hands-down one of the favorite clays of The Ceramic Shop's former technician, Gina.

Shrinkage: 12% at C/4, 13% at C/8.
Absorption: 2.5% at C/4, 1.0% at C/8.