Vent-Thru, Kiln Vent Doubler
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Vent-Thru, Kiln Vent Doubler


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This item allows you to add an additional kiln to your Vent Thru System.

It includes:
The Kiln Vent Plenum Box
8 ft of 3" flexible duct with fastener
a Wye Duct 4" x3"x3"

The Ceramic Shop's Vent-Thru Kiln Vent was designed as an afforadable and universal solution for venting your home pottery or glass kiln. The inline blower connects directly inside the exhaust line.

The 4 Inch inline duct blower (not included) has a solid metal case, variable speed control and is quieter than a squirel cage fan system.

It uses a very small amount of power (18 W) to run, producing strong pressure with a powerful airflow.

The kit comes with 3" x 8' of flexible duct, a 4" to 3" reducer, hose clamps and a plenum box with adjustable foot.

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