FRIT 3124
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FRIT 3124


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Frit 3124 is a carbon/boron-based frit that is ideal for use in gloss earthenware glazes and in some stoneware glazes

Comparable to Genco gf-152 and Pemco p-311.

Ceramic Frits are important components of most ceramic glazes and predominantly consist of silica, diboron trioxide, and soda. Frits are vitreous compounds, are insoluble in water and are created by melting and then rapidly cooling controlled blends of raw materials. Because of their various applications, there are numerous types of Frits, each with specific uses. Despite the diversity, however, manufactured frits typically all contain more than one kind of flux and are stabilized with alumina and silica. This causes the frits to be more reliable when using to consistently reproduce glazes.

Note: Ferro is now known as Vibrantz Technologies. During this change in branding, packaging may vary while stock rotates.