Pro Cutting Wire, 13", Xiem
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Pro Cutting Wire, 13", Xiem


Item #: XPCW13

The "Excellent" Pro-Cutting wire is 13" in length. It is designed for artists who enjoy making a variety of work and varing sizes.

The handles are made of thermoplastic and soft silicone for maximum comfort and durability. The wires are made of 49 super fine strands of stainless steel that is braided in the configuration of 7 strands by 7 strands. Then coated with a clear nylon plastic for flexibility, strength, and kink resistant unless severely bent.

The Pro-Cutting Wires are designed for potters’ who need to optimize their performance. The days of frayed and tangled wires are over.

Each Pro-Cutting Wire is housed in a clear case, making it easy to find and strore when not in use.