Kiln Cement, L&L, Quart
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Kiln Cement, L&L, Quart


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L&L Kiln Cement is an ideal product to use when repairing small chips, cracks, or pieces of softbrick that have fallen off.

This kiln cement is meant to be used to repair small to moderate sized cracks or chips on the surface of the firebrick. It is not meant for deeper cracks or cracks that go all the way through the brick. If your firebrick is cracked all the way through, or looks structurally unstable, then that brick should be replaced immediately.

To use as a adhering glue:

Lightly sand both pieces of brick that will be adhered.Sanding the brick will create a space for the cement to lay- while keeping the surface of the brick flush with the surrounding brick. After sanding, thoroughly vacuum both pieces. Take a sponge and thoroughly wet both surfaces that will be adhered. While the brick is still wet, brush a thick application of cement onto each surface, enough that the cement will slightly ooze through the cracks. Firmly press both pieces together. Smooth out any cement that has oozed, and use a putty knife to add additional cement to any surface cracks that remain. If possible- prop a piece of wood to the surfaces that are being adhered & let dry for 48 hours. Once Dry- the surface can again be lightly sanded and vacuumed of all extra dust particles.

To repair a crack- Use a soft putty knife to press cement into the crack- add cement until crack is filled. Let dry and add additional cement if necessary until the surface of the crack is flush with surrounding brick. Let dry 48 hours and sand & vacuum.