Gas Raku Kiln 23" Propane
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Gas Raku Kiln 23" Propane

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When you select "Propane" as your fuel option for a Raku Gas or Torchbearer kiln, you must directly state that you do not want a Low Presure Gas Regulator if you are not purchasing one. If you do want to purchase one but don't have one in your cart already, the correct sized regulator can be found right here!

Olympic 23" Gas Raku Kiln; without ignition ring; for use with propane gas.

-- Kiln Upgrades and Add-Ons --
Small Stilt Kit
Saftey Gloves
Grinding Brick
Raku Tongs
High Limit Controller
Gas Low Pressure Regulator
Vent Hood for Gas Kilns

About this kiln:
Raku is an ancient Japanese technique that has been rediscovered by modern potters who appreciate its unique beauty and metallic luster and colors. The raku process involves reducing (starving the oxygen) the glazed raku pottery in combustible materials such as leaves, sawdust, newspaper, etc. When the pieces are ready to take out of the kiln, they are placed in galvanized trash containers with combustible materials and covered. Once the pieces are cooled down, they are removed from the containers, washed and reveal the rich warm effects of raku. Model comes with frame welded to firing chamber, two peephole plugs, brick for covering porthole on top during reduction, instruction manual, and warranty card.

Options for customization:
First, select the correct fuel type for your kiln’s space - propane or natural gas. Also choose whether you’d like to include the ignition ring, which makes firing more convenient. Without it, you must light each of the burners with a fire stick manually. You may also order your kiln with rolling castors, which we highly recommend. You may add these castors at a later date, however you will have to weld them onto the base yourself.

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Max Firing Temp: 2350 F
Inside Dimensions (inches): 23.375 L x 23.375 W x 27 D
Ship Dimensions: 43 L x 43 W x 78 H
Cubic Feet: 7
Shipping Weight: 320 lbs