Brick, Paragon Kiln,F
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Brick, Paragon Kiln,F


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Note: The peephole brick comes undrilled. At the factory, Paragon drills peepholes with a large, tapered drill bit. You can improvise, however, by drilling the peephole with a 1/4" bit. Use a hacksaw blade or knife to expand the hole. For final shaping, wrap a piece of sandpaper around the peephole plug and rotate inside the new peephole.

The bottom of the peephole should be horizontal, or parallel to the floor; the top of the peephole should be angled downward. If instead the peephole is drilled straight in, the plug may fall out during firing.

Replacement brick for your Paragon kilns. Please choose your kiln's specifications from the menu.

Please supply us with the model and serial number of your kiln when purshasing to assure that you're ordering the correct part.