eQuad-Pro 2836 240V 1P
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eQuad-Pro 2836 240V 1P

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- Genesis Touchscreen Controller

- Rolling Kiln Stand

- Ceramic Shop Furniture Kit (Save money and get more!)

The eQuad series features the great quality that L&L is known for, and they comes standard with Quad elements. Instead of three elements per section, these kilns have four, which ensures more reliable and even firings. L&L is a local company for The Ceramic Shop, and we love to support local business.

Why should you choose an L&L kiln? The hallmark of the L&L kilns, what really sets them apart from other kilns, is the Dyna Glow Ceramic Element Holders. They protect your firebrick through years of Cone 6 and Cone 10 firings, promising better heat distribution inside the kiln, and ease in replacement of the elements when it becomes necessary. L&L Kilns are built to last and easy to maintain. L&L has 64 years of experience in making quality kiln products and offering top notch customer service.

Furniture Kit includes:
Shelves: Ten 25-1/2" Half Round Shelves (3/4" thick)
Furniture Posts: Six each of 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 6", & 8" high 1-1/2" Square Ceramic Posts
Furniture Accessories: One Pair Heat Resistant Gloves

Comes standard with 3" brick

Three Year Warranty

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Read the Dynatrol controller basic manual.
Watch the DynaTrol Control in action.
Wiring Diagram 1-Phase
Wiring Diagram 3-Phase

Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 28 Diameter x 36 High
Outside Dimensions: 37W x 48D x 51H
Cubic Feet: 13.6
Amps: 79.2
Breaker Required: 100
Plug: Direct
Shipping Weight: 595 lbs