L&L Kilns are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship for a period of three (3) years, starting on the date of original purchase from L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. (L&L) or from an authorized L&L distributor or dealer, subject to the following terms and conditions, including but not limited to, the exclusions and limitations set forth herein.

1) A sales receipt is required for proof of purchase.

2) In addition, L&L may require you to deliver defective parts to L&L for examination to determine the applicability of these warranty provisions. DO NOT DISCARD PARTS BEFORE CONTACTING L&L FOR INSTRUCTIONS. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO L&L's INSTRUCTIONS, INCLUDING THOSE CONTAINED IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND AS STATED HEREIN, WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY.

3) L&L will replace or repair any defective part that is covered by this warranty and sent freight-prepaid to L&L. L&L will prepay return shipping cost without charge in the Continental United States.

4) On-site labor is not part of this warranty and is not covered by L&L. Any warranty labor provided by Dealers and Distributors is provided at their own discretion and expense.

5) Warranty is not valid for second-hand or damaged kilns that are sold by unauthorized sellers.

6) Any modifications to the original kiln by anyone other than the factory or someone specifically authorized in writing by the factory will void the warranty. Any modification is made solely at the risk of the customer. L&L takes no responsibility for hazardous conditions created by unauthorized modifications.


Applies to Easy-Fire, Easy-Fire XT, Jupiter, DaVinci, Easy-Load, Doll/Test, JH Series, Quad-Pro kilns, Fuego and Liberty-Belle kilns when used for non-industrial ceramics and glass.


The following are examples of items that are not covered by and/or circumstances that will void L&L's warranties:

1) Use of elements and/or other parts other than genuine L&L Kiln parts.

2) Kiln warranty may be voided by firing materials that introduce harmful atmospheres into the kiln. Atmospheres containing carbon, reducing atmospheres (caused, for example, by introducing carbonaceous gasses or solids like graphite or paper into the kiln), binders from lusters and decals, wax burn out effluents, florines, halogens, acids, metal oxides, and salts are some of the corrosive and harmful atmospheres that will damage a kiln. Most ceramic processes will release some of these harmful constituents into the kiln and venting will prevent most of the problems that those processes would cause. Also, depending on the concentration of the harmful gasses, kiln source ventilation (such as our Vent-Sure) may limit the damage to the kiln. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the materials and the processes used are not harmful. This is of particular importance for industrial uses where processes may be unusual.

3) Over-firing damage for any reason and regardless of cause. IMPORTANT: We specifically warn you not to fire the kiln unattended. Neither the Kiln Sitter, The Orton Sitter, the DynaTrol, One-Touch control, the Bartlett 3-Button control nor any other electronic control used by L&L is designed to be a failproof shut off device. L&L is not responsible for damage caused by failure of any of these controls.

The Kiln Sitter, in particular, can be very unreliable because of the moving parts, dirt or clay that can get into the tube, the way cones are placed on the tube, corrosion, etc. DO NOT FIRE THIS KILN UNATTENDED WHEN THE KILN IS SUPPOSED TO TURN OFF AND LEARN HOW TO USE THE TIMER BACK UP. Neither L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. nor Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation warranty the kiln or kiln sitter against damage caused by overfiring. We highly recommend firing all manual kilns with witness cones that you can see through the peephole and/or a pyrometer so you have some idea of what is happening inside the kiln.

Also note that it is easy to melt clay if you inadvertently fire it hotter than its rating. It is possible in some controls to limit the upper firing limit of the kiln to avoid accidental overfirings of this type. Contact factory or read your control instruction manual if you would like further information on this.

4) Firebrick by its nature is fragile and will chip, crack, and create dust. L&L designs its kilns to minimize the effects of this but can not warrant against cracking, breakage, spalling or dusting. There is specifically no warranty for cracked arches, tops, lids or bottoms.

5) Controls made by Orton (including the Orton Kiln Sitter), Eurotherm, Honeywell or other manufactures are warranted by their manufacturers. L&L is not responsible for damage caused by failure of one of these controls.

6) Corrosion of the case is specifically not warranted. Corrosion is typically due to use of a kiln in an unheated outside shed (where morning dew condenses on the kiln and humidity attacks the kiln) or from an unvented kiln (where the water vapor and fumes generated by firing ceramic materials attack the kiln case). However, even a vented kiln can corrode due to all the environmental and process conditions that a kiln can be exposed to. Exposure to other ambient conditions, including but not limited to humidity, rain, snow, dust, and salt air will also cause corrosion.

7) Damage due to neglect, inadequate room or kiln ventilation, mechanical abuse, improper storage, inadequate maintenance, improper use or freight damage.

8) Damage to the elements or element holders due to failure to properly keep the kiln clean (i.e. allowing glaze or ceramic chards from exploding pots) to make contact with the element holders.

9) Damage to the kiln caused for firing in ambient conditions that are too hot for the control or other components in the kiln. The DynaTrol is rated for use up to 125°F (52°C). That means that the room that you fire in should be less than 110°F (43°C) (because the control will be slightly hotter than room air dues to transferred heat from the kiln). Note that direct sunlight on the control face may raise the temperature of the board beyond what you would expect from the ambient temperature or the kiln heat. Also note that the DynaTrol specifically allows the operator to check the control board temperature.

10) Failure to report defect within fifteen (15) days after it becomes manifest or known.

11) Any alteration of parts or design that vary from factory designs.

12) Thermocouple Protection Tubes are not warranted against breakage.

13) L&L's warranty is strictly limited to repair or replacement of defective items. Kilns may not be returned.

14) Distributors and Dealers are not authorized by L&L to modify and/or assume any other obligations or liabilities other than those expressed in this limited warranty and any such additional obligations are null and void.

15) EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY WARRANTED HEREIN, KILNS ARE SOLD AS IS. L&L MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, COVERING THE GOODS AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Purchaser acknowledges that certain conditions or circumstances may be created or incurred by Purchaser or user or over which L&L has no control, including, but not limited to, climactic conditions, improper use, inadequate maintenance, and Purchaser, as a condition of purchase or use, assumes responsibility for and releases L&L from liability arising out of the use of the kilns attributable to such causes.

16) L&L SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SECONDARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO BODILY INJURY OR DEATH, LOST PROFITS, LOSS OF USE, OR OTHER ECONOMIC LOSSES. Purchaser agrees that L&L's total liability for any damages or remedies arising hereunder shall be limited to direct damages, in an amount not exceeding the purchase price actually paid. Replacement or repair or refund, at L&L's sole discretion, of the purchase price of the equipment purchased shall constitute the exclusive and sole remedy available to Purchaser. Any action for breach of contract or negligence must be commenced by Purchase within one (1) year after delivery of the equipment to Purchaser.

17) L&L's full Terms and Conditions of Sale are available at


Elements and thermocouples are warranted for three (3) years on a pro-rated basis with the following exceptions:

1) Glaze damage to the elements caused by accidentally scraping edges of unfired glazed ware against element groove. WARNING: causing unfired glaze to contaminate element will damage elements and can lead to element failure, and creates a fire hazard.

2) Firing of kiln to a temperature that exceeds the lower of either the maximum rating of kiln or 2350°F (1290°C).

3) Damage to elements caused by explosion of ceramic object. WARNING: this may cause damage to the elements and can lead to element failure, and creates a fire hazard.

4) Elements are warranted on a prorated schedule based on the ship date of the kiln. All dates are based on ship date from factory if sold direct or drop shipped to customer. If sold from a distributor's warehouse the date would be based on when it was shipped and/or sold from the distributor. The warranty is not extended for any period of where operation of the kiln is delayed for shipping, warehousing, or other reasons.

5) This replacement schedule is limited to new kilns. L&L does not warrant replacement elements and thermocouples except for catastrophic failure (for instance, a situation where the element end broke off without fault of the operator).

6) Labor to replace elements is not covered.

7) The pro-rated discount schedule only is valid for elements that you are actually replacing. In other words you can't buy a whole set of elements at these prices for anticipated future replacement. We reserve the right to ask for replaced elements in return.


Date from time of shipment from factory

Price of thermocouples and elements

0-12 Months - No Charge

12-24 Months - 25% of full list price

24-36 Months - 50% of full list price


The pro-rated schedule for elements for the JH series kilns varies because of the hard use these kilns get during the crystalline glaze firing process.

In kilns used without an automatic Vent-Sure, the elements will corrode a lot quicker than normally and fail more quickly and this pro-rated schedule takes this into account. NOTE: The vent on the kiln must be an L&L Vent-Sure downdraft vent or this exclusion will apply even with a vent made by other companies.

Date from time of shipment from factory

Price of thermocouples and elements

0-6 Months - No Charge

6-12 Months - 25% of full list price

12-24 Months - 50% of full list price


L&L VS-1 Vent-Sure is warranted to be free of defects in workmanship for a period of (3) years, starting from date of original purchase from L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. or from an authorized L&L distributor or dealer. A sales receipt is required for proof of purchase. In addition, L&L may require you to send in defective parts for examination to determine the applicability of these warranty provisions. DO NOT DISCARD PARTS BEFORE CONTACTING L&L. L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. will replace or repair any defective part sent freight-prepaid to L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. following L&L's written acknowledgement and authorization regarding the specific issue. L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. will prepay return shipping cost without charge in the Continental United States. On site labor is not covered by the factory; however, local distributors or dealers may offer this service.


1) The Vent-Sure must be used as instructed in our vent instructions.

2) The use of any wax process that might cause condensation of wax or other similar substance in the vent system will void the warranty.

3) The Vent-Sure is not warranted to vent highly corrosive fumes, and any such use will void any warranties otherwise provided.