Skutt Touch Retro KilnMaster
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Skutt Touch Retro KilnMaster



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Please note that Skutt will calibrate your new controller specifically for your kiln. Be sure to tell us your kiln's model, voltage, and phasing in the Comments section during checkout. Please note the RetroFit kit will only fit full-sized controller boxes and it NOT compatible with smaller controllers like those found on the Hot Start, Firebox, and LT models.

Skutt will need to know voltage, phase, serial number. Please provide this info in comment section of order.

After years of testing, tweaking, and perfecting, Skutt now has their very own Touchscreen controller! They're not only available with new Skutt kilns, but these can be retro-fitted to any KM or GM kiln with a full-sized controller!

This controller works just like a smartphone. Easily navigate through the menus with the touch of a finger. You'll be guided with helpful icons and full sentences.

Wi-Fi is built in to the controller, and you can download a free app to your phone. This means that you can monitor your kiln's activity through your phone! You can also download any software upgrades (also free) for the duration of your kiln's life.

Like the standard KilnMaster controller, you still get the tried-and-true ConeFire and Ramp/Hold Modes. ConeFire Mode allows you to quickly program the firing based on cone value for bisque or glaze firing, and lets you view the parameters via a cool graph! Ramp/Hold Mode gives you complete control, and you can now name your most frequently used programs and store them for future use.

What's New?
+ Guided Start was designed with beginners in mind. You'll be guided through every step with messages, and you will know if you did everything correctly before hitting Start.
+ The Program Library comes packed with programs for processes like Slow Sculpture, Cone 5 Crystal Glaze, and Steven Hill Single-Fire.
+ Help Screens and Graphing give you all of the information you could possibly need, without needing the manual! This controller even has a Logging feature where you can see your 10 previous firings and even export that data into an Excel spreadsheet.
+ More detailed diagnostics to help you figure out what's going on with your kiln quickly. Also since your kiln is connected to Wi-Fi, Skutt's technicians can see the info from their desk when and if necessary!

Read the Touchscreen Manual