Relay, 30 Amp 12V
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Relay, 30 Amp 12V

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Item #: RLL

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These relays are standard for digitally controlled kilns from Skutt kilns, L&L Kilns, Paragon kilns, Olympic Kilns, Evenheat Kilns, ConeArt Kilns, Amaco Kilns, Excel Kilns, Cress Kilns, Jen-Ken Kilns, and many more.

What is a relay? Well, you know that clicking sound you here when your kiln is firing? That is the relay coming on and off. Think of it as a switch between your control board and your elements. The controller uses them to regulate the amount of power sent to the elements to heat them up.

Can you use any relay for your kiln? NO.

The best way to confirm you are replacing your relay with the correct one is to read the rating numbers listed below the manufacturer on the relay itself.
Many of the kiln companies use this same relay.

If you have questions concerning replacing this item on your kiln feel free to call us and we can help you through it.

Relay Part info:
Coil 12 VDC
30A 277VAC
20A 28VDC
1HP 120VAC
2.5HP 240VAC