KM-1231-3PK 240V 1P
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KM-1231-3PK 240V 1P

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Skutt KM-1231-3PK, 240V 1-phase.

Skutt’s production-ready KM-1231-3PK is designed specifically for volume production and fast turnaround of high-mass loads -- with a unique tall chamber size to allow for maximum flexibility. This kiln has the power and industrial components to go straight to Cone 10 with a full load of tile or stoneware -- no slow struggling to reach the final temperature. The standard KilnMaster controller gives you the options of Cone Firing, or programming your own 8-segment Ramp/Hold firing programs. The combination of direct wiring, heavy duty elements, connectors and relays, plus traditional Skutt stainless steel and firebrick construction results in a kiln that will last for years of constant use.

For maintenance convenience, every kiln of the KM Skutt Series is equipped with a current sensor that allows remote technicians to troubleshoot your kiln right over the phone. The current sensor reads your voltage and amperage with just a few easy keystrokes accessed from the completely redesigned Menu function key. It can also check the board temperature, LED readout and a host of other useful troubleshooting data. The Skutt KM-1231-3PK also features balanced elements. The top and bottom of the kiln lose heat faster than the center so Skutt puts hotter elements (more power) in those areas. The Skutt KM-1231-3PK comes standard with 3" kiln brick.

Solid State Realys are standard for the PK series.

Upgrade to Skutt's new Touchscreen controller!

Options for Customization:
The Skutt KM-1231-3PK comes with a few options for customization. First, select the correct voltage and phasing from the drop-down menu above; if you are unsure of your space’s wiring, please check with an electrician. Next, you may select to order your kiln with the suggested furniture kit.

Furniture Kit includes:
Eight 1" half shelves
Six each of 1" through 6" post lengths
8oz of dry kiln wash

Finally, you may choose to upgrade your kiln to support APM elements, which is a good choice if you plan to fire your kiln to cone 10 multiple times per week.

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Read the Manual
Firing Tips
Kiln Maintainence

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Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 28 Diameter x 31 High
Ship Dimensions: 42W x 45D x 49H
Cubic Feet: 11.6
Amps: 72
Plug: Direct
Shipping Weight: 450 lbs